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FeFit Club is a social network where you will spend your time with benefit. A single guide to an active and healthy lifestyle: your success, your records, challenges, gyms, beauty salons, coaches, sports, nutrition, sportswear, consultation with specialists - all in a one single FerFit app. Train and win, get a beautiful body and monetary rewards.

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Club members can communicate with each other and share photos, audio, text messages, stories discussing sports achievements, both in private messages and in the news feed. Support your favorite blogs by Ferces, as well as receive Ferces for useful content.

Find the right organizations nearby. Receive professional advice from specialists and experts. Train and socialize together. Users can see each other using the geolocation feature of application. Take part in sports challenges. If you miss a set-up by you workout, the program will fine you! You train and get rewarded!

Dietetics – scales

Our scales will help you monitor and track your progress, and the club's experts on a healthy and active lifestyle will help you achieve your goals.

Specify the goal and follow the guidelines for the consumption of Calories, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, products recognition by photo, synchronization with the FerFit scales, get the data directly into the application and track the progress of the set-up goals. Get advice from professional nutritionists, dietitians and sport coaches.

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