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From now you won't have a chance to miss the gym! We are your motivation! You can achieve whatever you want and we'll help you. Train, communicate, share your achievements and earn money!

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FerFit Club - our mission is to bring together people who are passionate and professionally involved in sports and what is connected with it within a single digital sports space. To unite people who didn't have the motivation to get together and practice sports.

The information collected in the single mobile application about sports clubs in your city and the motivation to visit a gym in the form of sports marathons leads to a unification and communication of people in the single thematic club.


A single sports guide and a healthy lifestyle is now in your mobile phone. Everything is based on healthy lifestyle: your successes, your records, sports marathons, gyms, trainers, sports nutrition, sportswear. All these are in the FerFit application. Win, get a beautiful body and money while training.

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